Christmas Poems For Children To Recite At Church

By | November 15, 2013

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Christmas Poems For Children, Christmas Poems For Children Recite

Christmas Poems For Children

 Christmas Poems For Children To Recite At Church


Sing a song of mincemeat,

Currants, raisins, spice,

Apples, sugar, nutmeg,

Everything that’s nice.

Stir in with a ladle,

Wish a lovely wish,

Drop it in the middle

Of your well-filled dish.

Stir again for good luck,

Pack it all away,

Tied in little jars and pots,

Until Christmas Day.

Elizabeth Gould

Christmas Poems For Children

Candle Glow

The candles give a gentle glow,

The room is nice and warm;

Outside there is a world of snow,

A muttering of storm.

An icicle hangs on the gate,

And frozen is the brook…

I’ll stay up until half-past-eight

And read my favorite book!

Ivy O. Eastwick

Christmas Poems For Kids 

The Best Time Of All

Little fairy snow flakes

Dancing in the flue;

Old Mr. Santa Claus,

What is keeping you?

Twilight and firelight

Shadows come and go;

Merry chime of sleigh-bells

Twinkling through the snow.

Mother’s knitting stockings,

Kitty’s got the ball.

Don’t you think that Christmas

Is pleasantest of all?

Christmas Poems For Children To Recite


How will you your Christmas keep?

Feasting, fasting, or asleep?

Will you laugh or will you pray,

Or will you forget the day?

Be it kept with joy or prayer,

Keep of either some to spare;

Whatsoever brings the day,

Do not keep but give away.

                        Eleanor Farjeon

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